Huck's Best of the Week

Huck's Best of the Week

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Audiovisual Overload — Short films with skater-turned-craftsman Joey Pepper, chronicler of California life Ed Templeton, ocean-inspired artist Daniela Garreton and musical explorer Gilles Peterson.

Huck.TV has been on fire, churning out four short films this week.

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Joey Pepper – Wake & Make

Skater-turned-woodcrafter Joey Pepper constructs a beautiful hand built canoe in his dusty workshop in Brooklyn, NYC.


The Ed Templeton Scrapbook Part One: Skate

In the first part of our new video series The Ed Templeton Scrapbook, Ed reflects on how the culture he loves has changed before his eyes and his early memories of skating the streets of Huntington Beach.


Daniela Garreton – The Working Artisans’ Club

San Sebastian-based artist Daniela Garreton pays homage to the beauty of the sea.


Gilles Peterson – Influences & Beyond

Musical explorer and tastemaker Gilles Peterson takes Huck on a journey through his influences and beyond.


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