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Check out original Ralph Steadman Breaking Bad character portraits at 71a — The Albuquerque criminal underworld’s lawyer of choice Saul Goodman returns in new Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul.

Drug dealing? DUI? If you’re in need of a lawyer willing to defend the indefensible, you know who you gotta call: Saul Goodman. The morally dubious legal counsel, played by Bob Odenkirk, returns in a new spin off to the wildly popular crystal meth odyssey Breaking Bad.

Better Caul Saul premieres today on Netflix and traces the evolution of struggling Chicago law man Jimmy McGill into Albuquerque criminals’ one-stop-shop Saul Goodman. “Jimmy’s the deeper version of the character,” Odenkirk told Time Out. “We’re now seeing other sides to him, an emotional side with his family. We’re seeing a lot of things that drive him on a deeper level.”

The series expands on the hilarious Saul Goodman Attorney at Law viral site and with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gillgan at the controls once again, we can be sure it won’t be another Joey.

But if this heavy hit of prequel action isn’t enough to satisfy your clucking for Breaking Bad, then head down to our 71a Gallery this weekend for an exhibition of original Breaking Bad character portraits by Ralph Steadman, presented by Huck’s sister magazine Little White Lies.

We’ll be celebrating the launch of the Breaking Bad Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbooks, displaying Steadman’s illustrations and a selection of original artwork inspired by Breaking Bad from UK rising talent personally chosen by the legendary British cartoonist.

Breaking Bad Character Portraits by Ralph Steadman | Friday 13th – Sunday 15th February


Friday 13th February, 10am – 6pm

Saturday 14th February, 12 – 6pm

Sunday 15th February, 12 – 6pm