Londoners hold an emotional tribute to those killed by terror

Londoners hold an emotional tribute to those killed by terror

Unity is strength — On Saturday night, terrorists in London killed seven and injured forty-eight. Last night, the city came together to remember those who lost their lives.

It was just after 10pm on Saturday night when the London ambulance service received its first phone call from London Bridge. According to a caller, a white van had ploughed into pedestrians right in the heart of the capital. Just a minute later the police would receive the same report.

For three men, this was the start of a bloody rampage – one that would leave 48 injured and at least seven dead. The indiscriminate killing, just weeks after a suicide bomber in Manchester caused deadly havoc, has left London shaken.

While a police cordon remained in place around parts of the London Bridge and Borough Market area, the identities of the killers and those brutally murdered still being released by the authorities, Londoners gathered together just a stone’s throw from where the incident took place to stand united in mourning and defiance.

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Flowers were placed down in tribute by religious leaders, emergency service bosses and politicians from parties across the political spectrum. Rain might have been falling heavily in Potters Fields beside City Hall, but thousands turned out regardless. A minute’s silence was held by all those present. Another will take place at 11am on Tuesday morning.

A sombre mood was felt through the gathered crowds, but so too was a sense of strength and defiance. The nature of these recent attacks in Britain might well leave you shaken; being afraid is nothing to be ashamed of. But last night Londoners turned up to say they would not cower. To say that whatever happens London will continue to thrive.

Photographer Theo McInnes headed down to capture the vigil.

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