Michael Jang

Michael Jang

Answers on a Postcard — First up in our Answers On A Postcard series, a visual q&a where photographers answer questions with their images, is SF-based luminary Michael Jang.

To celebrate Huck 46: The Documentary Photography Special II, our annual celebration of visual storytelling, we are having a Huck website takeover – Shoot Your World – dedicated to the personal stories behind the photographs we love.

In this regular series, Answers On A Postcard, we ask photographers to get existential and respond to a visual q&a with their images.

First up is Michael Jang, photographer of the wild, out of step, and famous. Jang has a diverse body of work that features a wide range of American life from his debauched 1970s Cal Arts classmates, Golden Age stars at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and intimate family portraits to punks at Ramones shows, suburban teens in their garages, and weather presenter auditionees in the 1980s. Jang goes for the moments when his subjects let their guards down and captures the humour, passion and vulnerability beneath the surface.

His first London exhibition – Well, it’s all over now – is a one-night extravaganza hosted by The Photocopy Club at Doomed Gallery, Dalston, September 18.

Answers On A Postcard #1

Who are you?
A very lucky person.
j1 (self portrait)

What does home feel like?
Too comfortable. I always have a guilty feeling that being On the Road is where I should be.

What does faith look like?
I had to Google this: The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.

What’s your greatest fear?
It would be a bummer to wake up one day to headlines that someone with your name had committed some horrendous crime.

What keeps you up at night?
Oh, when it comes to sleep, I am not a procrastinator.

What helps you sleep?
Louis C.K. said: We shouldn’t sleep that much. Life isn’t that long. Buy some shit, use it, it breaks. Try to (bleep) somebody. Hope your shits don’t hurt too bad.

What’s the meaning of life?
Of all the things that I’ve heard or read so far, striving to be in the moment makes the most sense. I just hope that when all is said and done I wasn’t wrong.

Any vices?
Not really, maybe having a shot of great champagne to end the day.

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