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Huck Film: Nights of Glory — Welcome to The Glory, a queer East London pub at the heart of the city's drag scene. Step inside with us and enjoy a night of pure, unadulterated glory.

There’s something special about the gay bar; something hard to describe to someone who’s never before stepped inside. They’re places of community, of joy and of sanctuary – a hedonistic haven for a community so often in need of escape from the outside world. In towns and cities across the globe you’ll find them, woven into the fabric of queer life.

Opened by London drag royalty Jonny Woo and John Sizzle just two years ago, The Glory has quickly cemented itself as the beating heart of queer London nightlife, while also acting as a traditional watering hole for local gays and straights alike. There’s something happening at the pub every night of the week, and it’s doors are open to anyone and everyone.

Just last week another London gay bar – Molly Moggs – shut its doors for the final time, one of many LGBT venues to disappear in the last few years. But it’s not all doom and gloom: after fifteen outrageous years performing and partying on East London’s scene, Jonny Woo and John Sizzle are building the foundations for a queer future in this corner of the capital at this pub on an unassuming corner.

They’re making space to nurture emerging queer talent; offering a stage to the older glistening drag legends; providing a place for all to meet, to share and to talk. There’s a community here like no other.

In our new film, we take a look at the people that make The Glory so special: the performers, patrons, staff and landlords who are still shaping this unique space. From morning meets to last orders, we watch on as charismatic queens from all walks of life prepare to hit the stage for LipSync 1000, the capital’s favourite drag competition.

Step inside and enjoy a night of pure, unadulterated glory.

Nights of Glory, an original Huck Film, is directed by Isabel Freeman and produced by Michael Segalov.

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