Huck Indies — Huck rolled down to Mile End, East London to chill with Carl and Brycey, the owners of Parlour Skate Store.
  • Text by HUCK HQ

Parlour Skate Store is exactly the type of place Huck Indies was created to celebrate. Carl and Brycey are two mates who more or less fell into running their own business. The previous owners failed to make it work, despite the skatepark quite literally on their doorstep making it the ideal place to open a skate shop. As one of the few genuinely skater-owned shops around, the guys have been pushing it forward in a big way. Their cosy skate cave under the railway arches brings people in just to chill, but they’ve built on this and gained a strong following by putting on rad events at the park outside. They also make their own videos of events and trips they go on with their skate team.

Check out Parlour at their website, or just head down to the park for a skate.