The Rebel Cultures Playlist

The Rebel Cultures Playlist

Origins of punk and hip hop — Photographer Janette Beckman captured the birth of some of the most influential subcultures of the Twentieth Century.

Growing up in London during the birth of punk, photographer Janette Beckman shot some of the most influential characters of the era: from Sex Pistols and The Clash to Blondie and Boy George. Not that she had any idea how big they would become back then, mind you.

When hip hop came along in the early 1980s she rode the renaissance to New York and seamlessly became its visual guardian, shooting everyone from Run DMC and Public Enemy to LL Cool J and Eric B. & Rakim.

In this playlist we collect videos from the punk and hip hop artists Janette shot in their early years. Grab a copy of Huck 48 – The Origins Issue to read more about her incredible story.


DJ Kool Herc may be the father of hip hop, but Debbie Harry rapping on ‘The Rapture’ put the fledgling scene on mainstream America’s radar for the first time.

Shane Macgowan, The Pogues

Shane Macgowan, frontman of Celtic punk band The Pogues appears in a typically-inebriated state on Dutch TV.


Run-DMC’s collaboration with Aerosmith on ‘Walk This Way’ is one of the best music videos of all time. Period.

The Sex Pistols

The UK’s favourite safety-pinned philosophers cause drunken havoc on stale ’70s British TV.

Ultramagnetic MCs

The Bronx’s Ultramagnetic MCs are the cover stars for Huck’s Origins Issue, in a classic shot from Janette Beckman.

Joe Strummer, The Clash

Julien Temple’s 2007 documentary The Future Is Unwritten explores the Clash’s enigmatic frontman.


Brooklyn’s UTFO (short for Untouchable Force Organization) were all over the ’80s rap game.

Dr Dre

MTV Raw uncovers a selection of early Dr Dre interviews from his NWA days.

 Read the full article on Janette Beckman’s Rebel Cultures in Huck 48 – The Origins Issue.