DIY zines and books are shaking up the publishing industry — Bruno Ceschel's indie library celebrates the self-publishing revolution.

Bruno Ceschel was working in mainstream publishing when the freedom and innovation of the self-publishing revolution captured his imagination. Inspired by the zines and photo books he saw coming out, he founded Self Publish, Be Happy in 2010 to support this fledgling movement and create a platform that would help artists, photographers and indie publishers of all stripes to share their work and connect with a like-minded community, both online and offline – through workshops, live events and gallery takeovers.

In this film, Bruno shows us around his Dalston studio, where he houses his ever-growing collection of self-published photo books – from lo-fi zines like Gay Goths to hardcover beauties like Ying Ang‘s Gold Coast, which featured in Huck 46 – The Documentary Photography Special II.

When he’s not championing self-publishing, Bruno can be found sharing his passion for photography as a lecturer at the University of the Arts London. As a man who permanently has his ear to the ground, Bruno can spot a revolution before it burns. So for Huck 47, we invited Bruno to curate a list of the most exciting things happening in photography in 2015. Pick up your copy today. 

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