Sideburn Magazine's Gary Inman on going it alone

Sideburn Magazine's Gary Inman on going it alone

Things I Learned Along The Way — Huck's Fiftieth Special collects lessons learned and creative advice from fifty of the most inspiring people we know. Each day we'll be sharing a new excerpt from the magazine. Today, Sideburn Magazine's Gary Inman explains how he created a home for bike lovers from all walks of life.

#8 – Gary Inman

After growing disillusioned with the endless monotony of macho motorbike journalism as a freelance writer, Gary Inman took matters into his own hands in 2008 by co-founding Sideburn, a magazine that focused on personal stories rather than glitzy bike launches and celebs.

“I want to talk about the heroes and the zeros: the guys who turn up to every race on their own, in their painter and decorator’s van,” he says. “They know they’re never going to win anything and they don’t care but they’re more interesting than the people who are finding it easy. It’s a weird romance. The winners can’t explain what the attraction is.”

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