Waves on Mars — Filmmaker, photographer and adventurer Foster Huntington embarks on a sailboat voyage through Mexico’s Central Baja to look for undiscovered and inaccessible surf.

After putting his life in a van and criss-crossing the US in search of adventure (coining the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram in the process), Foster Huntington’s mind began racing when his friend Trevor Gordon moved onto a sailboat in 2014.

“Boatlife is vanlife on steroids,” Foster explains. “You can go anywhere there’s water and stay for free. I see it as the evolution of vanlife. It’s a confined space whats highly mobile.”


Part inspired by the NASA discovery of liquid water on Mars, the pair set sail on ‘Brisa’ with their friends to explore Mexico’s Central Baja, in search of hard-to-reach surf.


Titled in tribute to David Bowie, the beautifully shot Waves on Mars chronicles their adventures as they discovered inhospitable and cratered landscapes that echoed the surface of distant planets.


“Central Baja is incredible remote and uninhabited,” Foster explains. “The rugged landscape is very barren and raw. Arriving on a self contained vessel to this remote setting felt like showing up on another planet. A few days into the trip we started joking about it being Mars, not Baja.”

Find out more about Foster’s trip at A Restless Transplant and check out the epic t-shirts, based on artist Adam Burke’s poster design.

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