What the aftermath of a general election being called looks like

What the aftermath of a general election being called looks like

Here we go.... — At 11am this morning Theresa May called a general election for 8 June 2017. For politicians, pundits and the general public the shitshow has begun.

This morning at 11am, British Prime Minister Theresa May took to the podium placed outside her Westminster Home in Downing Street, and announced that a general election would soon be upon us. In less than two months time, on 8 June 2017, British voters will once again take to the polls and vote for a new government.

In the coming months this’ll mean a whole lot more talk about the future of the nation; there’ll be debates and endless door knocking, more scandals, mud-slinging and sanctimonious lecturing than you could ever hope to see.

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But it also means a lot of work, for politicians and political pundits alike. From the tour buses to factory visits, late night broadcasts to early morning starts, MPs are fighting for their futures, and it’s the job of the political journalist to keep track along the way.

In reality the shitshow is only just getting started, but today in Westminster the impact was already being felt. Photographer Theo McInnes headed to Westminster in the minutes after the announcement to see what the aftermath looks like.

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