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New video: Ishtar X Tussilago — Swedish skater Ishtar Bäcklund takes on Norway's rolling contours in a new film by Maceo Frost.

Four years ago a video came out on Vimeo, seemingly out of nowhere, about this crew of longboarding girls from Madrid who were hurtling themselves down mountains around the city on longboards. It seemed to herald some sort of shift in longboarding culture – and it was one pioneered by strong women.

Today, that video has 4.3million views.

And now a new video featuring Malmo-born skater Ishtar Bäcklund has surfaced whereby the scandinavian bomber is captured, along with mates Caroline Boström, Kim Hansson, Sammy Hasselberg and Sander Hasselberg, tearing up remote Norwegian hills in super slo-mo footage.

The impressive film, also featuring an atmospheric score by Swedish rock band Tussilago, is just further proof that the female-fronted longboard revolution is going from strength to strength.

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