Huck x Mercedes-Benz — Choreographer, sound designer and visual artist Darren Johnston has created an innovative performance inspired by the human body’s Circadian Rhythms

It’s fair to say 2016 wasn’t a vintage year. Brexit, the birth of the ‘post-truth’ age and the irrepressible rise of Donald Trump to the most powerful position on the planet, President of the USA, are just some of the reasons to consign it to the dustbin of history.

But look around you and weigh the positives against the negatives: The giant leaps forward in art, music, technology and fashion more than outweigh the steps backward it seems the world as a whole is making.

Now distill your perception down to this very moment, and you’ll realise that this could be the most exciting time to be alive. If not now, when? If not here, where?

Award-winning choreographer, sound and visual artist Darren Johnston has created a unique project that serves as an invitation to embrace everything good that’s happening right this second and truly experience the ‘now’.

Inspired by the human “body clock” – or Circadian Rhythm, to use its proper title – a 24-hour biological cycle that regulates physical, mental and behavioural changes like sleep-wake cycles, Darren has engineered the world’s first live TVC, which continuously changes over the course of 12 hours. Captured using multiple live cameras and data feeds, programmatically edited into a single stream, the film is unique every time it’s watched.

As the Circadian Rhythm responds primarily to light and darkness, Darren’s performance uses movement and light to artistically represent the average person’s day. The score is re-arranged live in the studio throughout the event’s 12 hour run and musicians encouraged to improvise over it, to convey the sense that each and every moment is unpredictable yet perfect – with no guaranteed connection to what came before or what follows.

The ambitious project is part of the Mercedes-Benz Now Experience, a celebration of the seemingly futuristic electric technology that is available today – both on and off the road – thanks to Mercedes–Benz’s new EQ line. Merging cutting-edge tech with emotionality, the electric mobility ecosystem encompasses everything from vehicles to novel home energy storage systems.

Watch the real-time action unfold at

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