A mastery of materials — Artist Rubén Fuentes takes us on a poetic and philosophical journey through his creative process.
  • Text by HUCK HQ

“For a sculptor, the material is anything that can be used to generate an object. It may be light, vacuum…” explains artist Rubén Fuentes. “Every idea needs a material and each material is a path with different landscapes.”

Rubén’s video profile kicks off the Once Upon an Artist documentary series, which narrates the experiences of artists from a poetic and philosophical point of view.

The Spanish artist explains the journey of thought and inspiration that led him to create a 1.5 metre sculpture of a stylised human head, made from compact quartz.

“When an idea is born inside my head, it is in darkness, nobody can see it,” Rubén says. “For me, sculpture today can be a way of communicating, a passion, and my way of life is to create, in an intense way.”

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