The trailblazing shoe brand fighting for change in the US

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The trailblazing shoe brand fighting for change in the US
Huck x KEEN — Committed to protecting the environment and giving back to their local community, KEEN is a global, positive-action business looking to improve the world we live in.

America is back at the polls tomorrow – and with the current administration doing everything in its power to ignore the scientific evidence of climate change, a lot is at stake.

Leading companies in the outdoor adventure sector – some of the canaries in the wild outdoor coalmine – have long been aware of the increasing threats to our natural world. The more people they can push outside, the more they will appreciate the wild. 

In amongst these companies is KEEN, a refreshing footwear brand which started in 2003 in California and has since moved to Portland, Oregon. The brand is independently-owned and resolutely committed to donating money to nonprofits engaged in outdoor conservation (so far, they have donated a not insubstantial sum of $17m around the world). They have also been heavily pushing the voting agenda, urging people to realise that, unless they actually register to vote, they cannot expect change.

The company are a solid example of a modern, positive action business looking to improve the world we live in by taking responsibility and supporting people with passionate, effective local change programs. This example starts at home, with their headquarters being renovated in the most sensitive way possible. As much existing material in the building was repurposed rather than dumped, resulting in the bare minimum finding its way to refuse or recycling.

As an example of a business taking responsibility, KEEN is part of an outdoor clothing industry doing everything to sustain our outdoor playground alongside leading organisations such as the Outdoor Alliance and Leave No Trace. KEEN and the rest of the world urge the US people to vote, and affect the change that is so desperately needed.

Apply to be part of the KEEN EFFECT, grants enabling positive environmental action.

KEEN has partnered with venerable London store Garbstore offering a limited edition Feldberg boot for the English winter season. Available November 10 at Garbstore and KEEN online.

This year, KEEN is proud to be supporting London Based charity, Free to Be Kids.  Their Thrive Outside programme works with some of the most disadvantaged children in London, using nature-based activities to build confidence and problem-solving skills, provide horizon-broadening experiences and deliver opportunities and support to young people to feel brave and talk more overtly about thoughts and feelings.

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