Huck: The Flying Lotus Issue

Huck: The Flying Lotus Issue

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On sale now! — Step into the world of Flying Lotus with our special guest-edited issue: a curated takeover featuring David Lynch, Tierra Whack, Beastie Boys, Hiro Murai and more.

“Imagine the sounds you might hear while flying over a lotus,” writes David Lynch in the opening to Huck 68, “and experiencing that lotus lifting off and soaring through space.”

It’s a suitably surreal introduction to The Flying Lotus Issue, a special edition of Huck curated by the experimental producer, filmmaker, rapper and label head affectionately known as Fly Lo.

Through interviews with his friends, collaborators and inspirations, this guest edit draws from the interconnected universe that lies behind a singular vision – one that continues to stretch across cultural boundaries.



On the cover…

Ahead of a long-awaited new album, we visit Flying Lotus at his home in LA to soak up the journey behind an extraordinary career.

Hiro Murai

One of the most sought-after filmmakers in Hollywood explains why he and frequent collaborator Donald Glover tackle modern-day anxiety with an absurdist touch.

Tierra Whack

With a 15-minute album of 15 indescribable songs, Tierra Whack has crafted an audiovisual fantasyland that’s all her own. But for the Philadelphia rapper, innovation is simply a way to stave off boredom.

David Lynch

The filmmaker and some of his closest collaborators – including Angelo Badalamenti and Trent Reznor – open up about a creative process unlike any other.

Shelby Sells

Blending vibrant photography with candid interviews, the sexologist explains why she’s pushing for greater transparency around our most intimate relationships.

Terence Nance

As a multidisciplinary powerhouse who acts, writes, directs and makes music, Terence Nance is about to make the jump from making inventive TV to a big-screen blockbuster.

Shintaro Kago

Manga artist Shintaro Kago is a grandmaster of the grotesque: conjuring psychedelic illustrations that inspire as much awe as discomfort. Now, as his cult following grows, he tells us why he’s on a mission to keep surprising.

Georgia Anne Muldrow

Just as comfortable crafting futuristic beats as she is drawing from ancient philosophy, Georgia Anne Muldrow is the kind of unconventional artist that the world finally feels ready for.

Physical Graffiti

As OBE1, Josh Peacock tagged the streets of Cambridge while dealing weed on the side. Then heroin and homelessness upended his life. But through the healing power of tattoos, he has reinvented himself as a different kind of artist.


In the heart of Louisiana, we shadow a crew of skaters – bold, brash and free-spirited – who are on a journey of self-discovery in a city that never sits still.

The Family Acid

After a stint in the Vietnam War, Roger Steffens dedicated himself to a free-spirited, drug-fuelled life on the fringes of society. Luckily for us, he photographed the whole thing.


As esports grows into a billion-dollar industry, the only threat to its potential lies within gaming culture’s toxic lack of inclusivity. With the stakes growing ever higher, we hear from the rising stars determined to blaze a new trail.

Beastie Boys

Mike D and Ad-Rock have been mapping out their journey as the biggest-selling group in hip-hop history. Now they’re finally celebrating that legacy… with as many laughs as possible.

Boots Riley

With debut film Sorry To Bother You, this rapper and activist has successfully infiltrated Hollywood. And now that he has our attention, he’s going to use it wisely.

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