Future Proof Your Passion

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Future Proof Your Passion
In partnership with Squarespace — In a new editorial series — produced in partnership with Squarespace — we tell stories of communities future proofing their passion.

We’re living through challenging times, which is why it’s never been more important to find the people who share your passion for the things you love.

Future Proof is a new series, produced in collaboration with Squarespace, sharing the stories of people who have taken their passion to the next level by bringing it online. Whether it’s the motorheads of VC London, the pioneers of Black Trail Runners, or the team behind the Strawberries & Creem Festival, these are people who have built communities from the ground up.

Follow along for stories from Huck.

VC London: the all-women bike crew on the secrets to longevity

Motorbike crew VC London explains how they’ve always got one eye on the horizon.

The DIY music festival proofing for a different kind of future

It takes energy to run a festival – and the founders of Strawberries & Creem have it in abundance. They explain why pairing this approach with a powerful digital presence is key.

Meet the running community reclaiming the great outdoors

People of colour get little representation in outdoor culture – but Black Trail Runners aims to change that.

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