Huck’s Most Popular Reads, Feb 7-14, 2015

Huck’s Most Popular Reads, Feb 7-14, 2015

A roundup of the hottest stories on the site this week — Need some inspiring small-talk to get you through your tedious Valentine's Day obligations? Check out the most popular pieces on the site this week as chosen by our readers.

Picture the scene: Valentine’s Day hasn’t turned out to be rubbish this year, you’ve got a date. Automatically, it’s off to a real good start. They’re super attractive, interesting and have great stuff to talk about. Your date opens with complaining about your bullshit jobs, a good bonding point. Now you’re both talking about the latest Skinhead zines, but don’t worry, the discussion is purely cultural. Then you both realise that you just really love Beck. You start to realise why this is going so well: you’ve read Huck’s guide to what was popular this week. By arming yourself with this information it has made you the eloquent and informed individual you always knew that you could be. You go, you.

1. Huck Across America: Another Home: Life Beyond The Border

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to find for your place in a foreign land? Follow the lives of people searching as the myth of the American Dream seems further away than ever.

2. Bullshit Jobs

David Graeber, from zine STRIKE!, explains just why so many peoples’ jobs are complete bullshit: possibly including yours.

3. Louis Vuitton & Alex Olsen

Skating looks cool enough but when you’re filming a promo for Louis Vuitton it looks just that little bit sharper.

4. Skinhead Culture

Oi! is not just a threatening noise. It’s also a skinhead zine that saved Pete Markowicz’s life as a kid growing up.

5. Islamic Satire

It’s been over a month since the Charlie Hebdo shootings but you guys are still making fun of ISIS and insurgency. Keep it up.

6. Beck

If you still don’t know who Beck is then please, PLEASE, do your homework. It really isn’t OK to not know at this stage in the game.

7. Anti-Valentine Movies

Love sucks. Watch all five of these and you’ll be convinced of that fact.

8. Ricardo dos Santos

Still hurting over the tragic passing of Ricardo dos Santos? So are we.

9. J Dilla Tributes

It’s been nine years since Dilla was taken from us. These tributes prove the esteem that some of hip hop’s biggest names held James Dewitt Yancey in.

10. Jon Stewart Retiring

The king of political satire has called time on The Daily Show. After 16 years as the host, he’s finally stepping down from making fun of basically everyone. TV is now a less fun place.

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