Creative resilience in the age of uncertainty

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Creative resilience in the age of uncertainty
Tales of resolve — In a brand new series, produced in partnership with Squarespace, Huck and Little White Lies spotlight artists and makers as they adapt to life under lockdown and an uncertain future.

Every day, people across the world are facing brand new hurdles as they adapt to unprecedented change. Freelancers are navigating a unique set of challenges as budgets are slashed and uncertainty takes hold. What is it like to go it alone in this new, rapidly changing world?

Creative Resilience is a brand new series, produced in collaboration with Squarespace, sharing inspiration, advice, and original artwork from freelance creatives as they adapt to life under lockdown. Over the next five months, we’ll explore what it’s like to go it alone in a time of crisis, spotlighting creativity amid disruption.

From sustaining a career as a self-taught photographer, to carving out a creative identity in a crowded city far from home, these tales of resolve show how obstacles give rise to innovation. The journey there is as difficult as it’s ever been — but the payoff has never been more rewarding. 

Follow along for stories from across Huck and Little White Lies.

#01 The comic artist using isolation as inspiration 

Miranda Smart shares how she’s overcome the trials of lockdown to evoke the world outside her window.

#02 The illustrator who brings light to the darkness and darkness to the light

Sophie Mo on how she continues to carve out a creative identity in the most trying of times. 

#03 The director blending modern London with Iranian aesthetics

Filmmaker Somayeh Jafari shares how she delves into her background to discover the true meaning of home.

#04 The art director who creates humorous, introspective snapshots of everyday life

In the fourth instalment of a new series supporting artists through the new normal, Laurène Boglio observes the world’s subtle shifts.

#05 Meet the artist leading floristry’s youthful takeover

We profile Harriet Parry, a creative force known for her floral interpretations of iconic artworks.

#06 The production designer using location as an inspiration

Bobbie Cousins evokes a world that’s seldom seen when creating his beautifully textured work.

#07 The photographer reimagining creative communities

Photographer and curator Matt Martin tells us how he uses photography to build community.

#08 The costume designer dyeing to make film more sustainable

Jo Thompson explains why she’s ditching synthetics for natural products.

#09 The family-run bar that’s a hub of creative independence

Verity and Sharmaine Cox tell the story of their tiny Hackney dive bar Blondies – a space where music, motorbikes and skateboarding mingle freely.

#10 The production designer who finds inspiration on the open road

Malin Lindholm reveals how she’s continued to feed her wanderlust and her reactive process during the pandemic.

How to make your own floral art with Harriet Parry

In this new episode of Skill-Up, floral artist Harriet Parry lifts the lid on her creative process and how you can make your own floral humans at home.

How to design your own tattoo with Sophie Mo

Our good friend and illustrator Sophie Mo talks you through how you can go about designing your own tattoo but remember to always seek a professional when you’re looking to get it applied.


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