Huck's Most Popular Reads, Feb 1-6, 2015

Huck's Most Popular Reads, Feb 1-6, 2015

A roundup of the hottest stories on the site this week — As 2015 revs into second gear, there's fewer windows for being bored at your desk, so for your weekend reading — and viewing — pleasure, here are the most popular pieces on the site this week as chosen by our readers.

It’s the weekend. You’ve been working hard and can still smell the boss’s breath from the back of your neck. You probably haven’t had time to scour the internet for what really interests you. The little kid inside wishes you’d had time to look at all of the world’s best treehouses. The activist inside is sighing that you didn’t take just 15 short minutes to watch the second episode of Huck Across America. Every part of you wants to know why #foxnewsfacts is still something evertyone was talking about. Need to get up to speed with all of this? Huck’s shortcut to getting informed means you won’t be left out of any conversation this Saturday night.

This Week’s Most Popular Stories on

1. Huck Across America: Another Home: Life Beyond The Border

Our latest mini-doc dispatch from the US looks at the border debate — including an up-close glimpse at how single moms are forced to wear ankle bracelets.

2. Paddle Against the Flow: Huck Releases First Book

We’re excited to announce our first book, out March 3. Read all about it — and you don’t have to take our word for it, here’s what Cool Hunting has to say about the book.

3. Westerly Windina

Our global editor Jamie Brisick tells the story that inspired his upcoming film, Westerly, about surf icon Peter Drouyn’s  transformation into a woman, Westerly Windina.

4. Ken Schles’ Night Walk: New York’s Gritty Lower East Side in the 1980s

Poverty, drugs and crime were kinda big and the streets were kind of gnarly. See it all through New York photographer Ken Schles’ eyes.

5. From Ecuador to Aukland, 13 Unbelievable Treehouses

Huck’s controversial 2019 expansion plans include a global network of treehouse foreign bureaux — the research begins now.

6. #foxnewsfacts — That Time Fox News Warned Birmingham Was a no-go zone for Non-Muslisms

Fair and balanced Twitter updates us that it’s gotten so bad that kittens are wearing hijabs — out of fear.

7. The Muslim World’s Best Satire

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, a look at homegrown satire in the Islamic world.

8. “Conflict. Time.” 150 Years of Conflict In Haunting Images

A stunning study by those who stay behind after the adrenaline junkie war photographers pack up.

9. Hannah Habibi’s Alternative Page 3

Rupert Murdoch’s executive trolls have brought back topless models on Page 3 — it time to get creative.

10. Harmony Korine Meets A Kid Who’s Living Rough in Alabama’s Backwoods

A mini-doc by the Spring Breakers director that will make you want to leave civilisation behind.

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