World Photography Day 2016: Huck's favourite photography stories of the year so far

World Photography Day 2016: Huck's favourite photography stories of the year so far

Looking through the lens — Celebrate World Photography Day 2016 by checking out Huck's favourite photography stories of the year so far: from the expert advice of Magnum legend Martin Parr to a new wave of talent capturing the world through their own lens, these ten stories will remind you of just how powerful a photo can be.

We all know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. From vast, expansive landscapes brimming with colours, tones and shade, to a simple portrait of the one that you love, an image has the power to stir up emotions in a way that’s hard to describe.

On this day on 1839, it was at the French Academy of Sciences that a game-changing announcement was made. It was revealed to the world that the photographic technique known as daguerreotype, one of the first of its kind in the world, had been perfected.

Since then our world has been shaped by pictures: capturing memories, moments in history, our greatest achievement’s and our smallest victories. For years these images help us see the world in a way that no other medium can compete with. To celebrate our love affair with the photograph, this World Photography Day we’ve pulled together our ten favourite photography stories so far in 2016.

Whether it’s advice from the veterans, or the new generation you’ll need to watch, take a moment to celebrate some of the best photographers of our time.

Kevin Frayer is pushing beyond ‘otherness’ to show the real China

Tibetan Nomadic Culture Faces Challenges On The Tibetan Plateau

Award-winning photojournalist Kevin Frayer has witnessed war and world-changing events. But it’s out on the fringes of society that he really found his voice.

The Wanderlust Crew: Young photographers revolutionising travel photography


A new generation of young adventurers are revolutionising our idea of travel photography by putting themselves, not ‘The Other’, at the centre of the story.

Alec Soth on the importance of being a beginner


Huck Editor-in-Chief Andrea Kurland catches up with great American documentarian Alec Soth about his impressive, constantly changing career, during his first UK retrospective at the Science Museum, London.

American Realities: Portraits of life below the poverty line

3308_1 001

In 2011, photographer Joakim Eskildsen captured Americans living below the poverty line in five states. His images reveal the harsh and shocking realities of the country’s poorest citizens, but most of all, the illusion of the so-called American dream.

In Pictures: Nineties kids in their bedrooms – 20 years on

Jeff D

They’re a hit on Instagram, have probably clogged up your Tumblr feed, and are inspiring pieces of photography for fashion designers and Hollywood set decorators alike. For photographer Adrienne Salinger, they were something she did twenty years ago.

Martin Parr shares advice on how to succeed as a young artist


British photographer Martin Parr has been capturing satirical slices of day-to-day life for over 40 years. Here he explains why hard work and failure are the keys to success in the art world.

Aaron Vincent Elkaim is capturing communities caught in an industrial era Catch 22


Canadian photographer Aaron Vincent Elkaim captures the human fallout of industrial development, where communities are being cut off from their heritage and land.

How Lucia Griggi chased deadly waves to become one of the world’s best surf photographers


Waves as big as tower blocks and the beach patriarchy could not stop surf photographer Lucia Griggi from becoming one of the best in the world.

From Selma to Stardust: Steve Schapiro on shooting the heroes of our time

Bowie Blue, New Mexico 1975 © Steve Schapiro

Bowie Blue, New Mexico 1975 © Steve Schapiro

Photographer Steve Schapiro has spent decades shooting moments that made history. Ahead of his latest exhibition – Heroes – in London, he reflects on a lifetime capturing the people who changed the world.

The next generation of photographers you need to watch in 2016

Huck-Magnum-New-Blood-CarouselPost-war Bosnia, Parisian Banlieues, sculpture, sexualised selfies and the American West are some of the subjects explored by the recipients of this year’s Magnum Graduate Photographers award.

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